Desert Cider House first opened its doors in June of 2016. Our signature hard cider, Desert Dragon Hard Cider, is specially crafted in Chandler, Arizona and can be found on tap at local bars and watering holes across the state!

Desert Dragon Hard Cider is simply made with pure apple juice and brown sugar. It is lightly carbonated with a subtle amber color and a refreshing apple flavor. It has a clean finish that isn’t too sweet and leaves you wanting more.

We spent a long time refining our recipe and tested batch after batch to perfect our formula to ensure that Desert Dragon Hard Cider is the finest cider available anywhere. We are confident that you’ll find it the best you’ve ever had!

Enjoy Desert Dragon Hard Cider just like you would your favorite beer. It’s cold and refreshing, perfect for having a couple while watching the game or just relaxing on the patio.

Desert Dragon Hard Cider is 6.9% ABV, so please drink responsibly!

Desert Dragon Hard Cider. Locally crafted. Totally drinkable!

Desert Cheer Hard Cider is available now!

Enjoy the holiday season this year by treating yourself to some Desert Cheer Hard Cider!

Desert Cheer Hard Cider is an apple hard cider blended with cranberry juice that has been mulled with organic spices, including cinnamon, orange peel, allspice, cloves and ginger.  It has a light, mulled cider nose and a rosy\amber color. The flavor is gently tart, but not sour, with distinct mulled spice overtones and finishes clean without a lot of lingering aftertaste. It is also a little lower alcohol than our signature Desert Dragon Hard Cider, finishing at 6.0% abv.

The fantastic tase of mulled hard cider and cranberry will bring back all the fond memories of seasons past and fortify you for the coming holidays!

It’s the perfect complement to holiday festivities and pares wonderfully with all sorts of seasonal meals!

Desert Cheer Hard Cider is 6.0% ABV. Please drink responsibly!