Desert Cider House was founded in June of 2016 and our first sales began in February, 2017.  All of our ciders are hand crafted in Chandler, Arizona and can be found in bars and restaurants all across the state!

We are distributed exclusively by Arizona Beer and Cider.

We are happy to announce the arrival of our second year-round cider, Desert Zephyr Hard Cider! Named after the desert’s gentle breezes, Desert Zephyr is very light on the palate, with a delicate flavor of prickly pear and a distinct orange nose. It is brightly carbonated and extremely refreshing! We hand craft it in small batches with organic prickly pear juice locally sourced from Tucson Arizona, and that wonderful juice is what gives it its beautiful rose color!

Desert Zephyr Hard Cider is 6.0% ABV.

Desert Zephyr Hard Cider, hard cider’s softer side!


Our signature hard cider, available all year round is Desert Dragon Hard Cider. It is a traditional apple hard cider, simply made with pure apple juice and brown sugar. It is lightly carbonated with a subtle amber color and a refreshing apple flavor. It has a clean finish that isn’t too sweet and leaves you wanting more.

We spent a long time refining our recipe and tested batch after batch to perfect our formula to ensure that Desert Dragon Hard Cider is the finest cider available anywhere. We are confident that you’ll find it the best you’ve ever had!

Enjoy Desert Dragon Hard Cider just like you would your favorite beer. It’s cold and refreshing, perfect for having a couple while watching the game or just relaxing on the patio.

Desert Dragon Hard Cider is 6.9% ABV, so please drink responsibly!

Desert Dragon Hard Cider. Locally crafted. Totally drinkable!